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Fall In Love with Breakfast for Dinner in Beach Town

It was Sunday, and the day had begun with the mundane task of cleaning the house. As we busied ourselves with chores, time slipped away unnoticed, and before we knew it, lunchtime was upon us, and breakfast had yet to be had. Faced with rumbling stomachs, I reached for my phone and opened Uber Eats in search of a breakfast for dinner spot. Each family member contributed their preferences to the cart, but before hitting submit, my wife proposed a tantalizing alternative.

“How about this,” she suggested, “I’ll whip up something quick for now, and later we can dine at that place we visited once to have breakfast for dinner. You know, the one where we ended up paying nearly $50 for parking.”

For a moment, the name eluded us until it suddenly clicked. “Eggs N Things in Fujisawa, Japan!” I exclaimed, recalling our previous visit to the reminiscent Hawaiian-style eatery.

With the decision made, we opted for the convenience of the train over the hassle of driving, particularly given the exorbitant parking costs we’d encountered before. The Odakyu RomanceCar offered a swift and comfortable journey, a preferred choice for commuters seeking efficiency and comfort.

As we awaited our dinner plans, my wife quickly prepared a makeshift breakfast, rustling up Indian chapatis for our daughter and oatmeal for the rest of us. With hunger temporarily satiated, we resumed our household tasks, finally wrapping up by mid-afternoon.

After showers and a quick change of clothes, we embarked on our journey, parking at the U.S. Status of Force Agreement (SOFA) parking area near Sagami-Oksuka Train Station. Opting to purchase our RomanceCar tickets online to save time, we made our way to the station, ensuring our IC cards were topped up for the trip.

However, a minor hiccup ensued when my wife realized she’d left her card at home, necessitating the purchase of a separate ticket. A valuable lesson learned: always ensure you have all necessary tickets, as the RomanceCar requires a separate ticket or Freepass for boarding.

Boarding the train, we settled into our reserved seats, reveling in the comfort and space afforded by the RomanceCar. The smooth journey allowed us to relax and enjoy the scenery as we sped towards our destination.

Arriving at Fujisawa Station, a brief moment of confusion arose as the train momentarily reversed direction before proceeding southward. Alighting at Katase-Enoshima Station, we braved the gusty winds en route to Eggs N Things, eager to indulge in its warm and welcoming ambiance once more.

Seated inside, we perused the menu, selecting a variety of delectable dishes to share amongst us. From eggs Benedict to shrimp plates and refreshing beverages, each item tantalized our taste buds with its distinct flavors and textures. A combination of breakfast for dinner.

Though the bill initially gave us pause, upon conversion, it proved reasonable for the quality and variety of food we enjoyed. Sated and content, we ventured to the nearby beach, basking in the glow of the setting sun and capturing snapshots of Mount Fuji on the horizon.

As dusk descended, we reluctantly made our way back to the train station, bidding farewell to the comfort of the RomanceCar and opting for the local train ride home. The contrast between the two journeys was palpable, underscoring the luxury and convenience afforded by our earlier choice.

Reflecting on the day’s events, we concluded that the trip was indeed worth the distance for the exceptional dining experience and the joy it brought to our daughter. It was a beautiful day, made memorable by good food, great company, and the simple pleasure of exploration.

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