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The Spiral Paradigm


Author : D. G. James

Immerse yourself in “The Spiral Paradigm,” a captivating tale by renowned Jamaican author D. G. James, known for his masterpiece “The Red Myths.” This gripping narrative follows the perilous journey of a married man who succumbs to the allure of a vibrant young woman. However, his newfound passion plunges him into a labyrinth of horrors that threatens to shatter the life he once held dear.

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In D. G. James’s captivating novel “The Spiral Paradigm,” the esteemed author of “The Red Myths” weaves an intricate tale that ensnares the reader from its gripping beginning. At the heart of the story lies a forbidden romance, a tempestuous affair between a married man and a beguiling young woman. This clandestine rendezvous ignites a downward spiral that plunges the man into a terrifying nightmare.

As the man indulges in his illicit passion, his once-cherished life begins to unravel at the seams. His marriage teeters on the brink of collapse, his career hangs precariously in the balance, and his very sanity is threatened. With each stolen moment, the man’s world grows darker and more sinister. His decisions become increasingly reckless, leading him down a treacherous path from which there seems to be no escape.

As the spiral tightens, the man finds himself trapped in a maze of deceit, suspicion, and paranoia. The boundaries between reality and illusion blur, and he struggles to maintain his grip on his sanity.  In a heart-stopping climax, the man’s forbidden romance culminates in a devastating confrontation that will forever alter the course of his life. D. G. James masterfully weaves a tale of love, betrayal, and the consequences of forbidden desires, leaving readers spellbound until the very last page.



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The Spiral Paradigm