The Red Myths

Beyond the Future and the Past
Professor Garrett Somers wants to liberate the planet from religious rules that hinder people’s freedom of choice. He becomes embroiled in a series of events and must rely on his knowledge of history to survive unscathed. His work exposed him to historical documents that revealed the cause of religious conflicts on the planet. It put him in danger because he also gave a lecture that disparaged the church. He purposely publicly expresses his dissatisfaction with the High Council, blaming them for escalating worldwide conflicts.

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The Red Myths is a gripping tale from Jamaican-born author Delroy G. James. It tells the gripping story of a professor name Garrett Somers who gave a controversial lecture about the dystopian society he lives in. It caught the attention of the High Council,  and his luck runs out, forcing him to come to terms with the consequences. As he contemplates his next move, a series of intertwining events involving those closest to him causes them to grasp onto reality as if it is slipping.  Somebody is dead set on destroying their world. And as misfortune and tragedy strike his friends and loved ones, he must act quickly to hold on to reality and save them and the world.

Is Professor Garrett Somers willing to do whatever it takes to change the world, or will he cower under pressure?

After reading the book, we would appreciate it if you would go to and post an honest review.

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  1. Jessie Raymond

    This book has a great storyline and is suspense-filled throughout. The plot follows an order; from the introduction, buildup of events, climax, up until the end. The allusion to slavery and other historic happenings/ills is brilliant; it reveals the many conspiracies and evils that governments perpetrated, particularly with the aid of religion. The characterization is neatly done. The diction (writer’s choice of words) is good, and the tone is in sync with each of the scenarios. Lastly, the use of figurative language, particularly imagery, is very effective. I recommend.

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