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Delroy G. James

Aspiring Jamaican-Born Novelist

Delroy’s inspiration for writing comes from his love of storytelling.  He often reflects on the times he spent with his grandfather in Jamaica. Listening to his stories made him imagine what it would be like to one day tell his own.  But the passion truly manifested when he was on the verge of quitting the military, and his sister offered him some advice saying, “what you hate, you may grow to love.”  That phrase had a significant impact on his life because it allowed him to love his job and later pursue his passion which has always been writing.

Short Bio
From Military to Author

Delroy was born in Jamaica and raised in New York City.  When he was 19, he joined the U.S. Armed Forces for educational and life experience.  After 16 years of honorable service, he retired from the military to pursue a career as a Business Analyst and Author.  He wrote his first published short novel, “The Red Myths,” from an idea he had while on Active Duty.  Today he continues to work on several stories he drafted and will release his third novel at the end of 2022.

What you hate, you may grow to love

Sachet Douglas
Hop Around The Globe

  • 2013, Published 1st Short Novel, New York

  • 2014, Military Service Ended, Japan

  • 2021, Published Two Short Novels Guam

  • 2022, Releasing 3rd Short Novel, Japan

What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much, though.


Who I Am

I am Jamaican-born, a former military personnel, Business Analyst, father and husband.  My work is influenced by my Jamaican heritage and the social, political and economic conditions of the world around us. I published two short novels and I have more in the works.

About My Books

I’ve been wanting to write a religious science fiction/young adult novel for quite some time, but I never knew how to start. I wanted to write something that would be accessible to the general public, but at the same time, I wanted to make sure it was thought-provoking. So I started brainstorming ideas and had lots of them, but nothing really clicked, until I looked at some of my unpublished short stories and use them as the ideas for my current work.


Among my interests are science fiction and crime drama novels, television shows, and films. The topics and themes often reflects issues that are present in our current society.  As a writer,  I am not afraid to explore the social and religious influences on humanity in my work to demonstrate how serious  the problem is.  I use historical tropes and events to inform my readers. I don’t think you can understand how we got here if you don’t understand the history that led us there. We are experiencing similar historical events in the present like wars, genocides, slavery, women abuse and decimation of minority groups, all of which are inspiration for my literary work.

Want to Talk to Me?

I welcome any discussion you may want to have about my work.  You can contact me on on Twitter @fiweh and also on Facebook @delroy_james or at our website (Contact me).

Top Selling Books


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Delroy G. James

Enjoy what you have and who you are with like it is the only thing and the only time you have left in your life.

Joshua James
Author’s Work
From Draft to Published

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  • 2013 – The Red Myths 1st Edition

  • 2021 – The Red Myths (Revised Edition)

  • 2021, Vanessa the New Girl

  • 2022 – A Jamaican Nightmare – (Coming Soon)