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Chapter 1

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Amidst the fiscal constraints imposed by the Continuing Resolution at the outset of Fiscal Year 2024, USAG Japan’s team demonstrated an unwavering commitment to prudent resource allocation. This commitment, which ensures alignment with the imperatives of the National Defense Strategy and the Army’s core priorities, underscores the crucial role of fiscal stewardship in the broader military operations framework. The Resource Management Office’s (RMO) proactive stance was instrumental in advancing the Army’s Fiscal Stewardship objectives. The RMO thoroughly reviews garrison service contracts, identifying and rectifying accumulated de-obligations from expired year funds spanning FY19 to FY23. Looking ahead, the RMO is dedicated to enhancing and optimizing this critical process while exploring additional solutions to address de-obligations beyond service contracts. Specific initiatives include streamlining administrative processes and leveraging financial solutions to improve contract management efficiency. USAG Japan’s FY24 SAG 132 QRPA mid-year obligation rate reached 49%, the highest among Pacific Garrisons, with a projected target of at least 89.3% by the end of July. This significant progress reflects the team’s concerted efforts, showcasing USAG Japan’s commitment to meet and exceed established benchmarks.

Furthermore, USAG Japan has curated an end-of-year SAF list comprising 21 projects totaling $13.4M. This strategic planning, which allows flexibility in utilizing excess funding to be obligated at the end of FY24 or the beginning of FY25, optimizes resource allocation and minimizes fiscal waste. USAG Japan showcased prudent fiscal stewardship year after year, demonstrating its commitment to meet and exceed target goals. For FY23, the USAG 132 QRPA obligation rate stood at 93.8% by the end of July, surpassing the 85% obligation benchmark.

Similarly, in FY22, the rate reached 96.4%, surpassing the 85% threshold. These achievements underscore the organization’s dedication to effective resource management and its proactive approach to fiscal challenges. SAG Japan is also responsible for providing services to many customers and tenants, where we have coordinated 92 inbound MIPRs, with a total received order value of $3.1M. Some high-value services provided are DoDEA’s utilities, custodial, and refuse services at Camp Zama and DLA’s ground maintenance contract for tank farm sites across Okinawa. The programs and support agreement team has thoroughly reviewed all 64 support agreements in place, ensuring alignment with mission priorities and efficient resource utilization.