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This is a preview of the digital audiobook of The Red Myths: Beyond the Future and the Past Unabridged Audiobook by Delroy G James, available for download at FiWEH Bookstore. The Red Myths: Beyond the Future and the Past Audiobook is narrated by Paul Casselle.

The novel tells a gripping story of Professor Garrett Somers who got caught up in a series of events that will force him to make a decision that may change the course of his life. He wants to liberate the planet from religious rules that hinder people’s freedom of choice. He becomes embroiled in a series of events and must rely on his knowledge of history to survive unscathed. His work exposed him to historical documents that revealed the cause of religious conflicts on the planet.

The Red Myths was originally written as a short story in 2001. It remained incomplete until 2006 when it was first published. Delroy wanted to expand on the story, so in 2021 he rewrote the book and re-released as a 2nd edition. This version will have readers on the edge of their seats while exploring the dystopian world embroiled in an ideological, social and religious struggle.

The audiobook version of the book brings the story alive for readers. It keeps them hooked from start to end. For fans who read the book in its original, wanted more. This new edition is Delroy G. James’s gift to them. Those reading it for the first time, will discover a work of imaginative storytelling.

This book is available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook format and is available on, Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble and most online bookstores!

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