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There are various reasons one would take the opportunity to nurture one’s creative soul and one of them is taking a break from writing. It is one of the hardest steps to take especially when you are in the groove. But sometimes stepping away might be the best thing for your story.

Taking A Break

The journey of taking a break from writing is a cycle, an ongoing rhythm that nourishes the roots of your creativity. It’s not a one-time endeavor, but a practice that can be integrated into the very fabric of your writing life. Just as the seasons bring their own unique flavors to the world, so too do these breaks infuse your writing with a kaleidoscope of perspectives.

When you return from a break, you’re not the same writer who embarked on it. You’ve grown, evolved, and expanded. Your writing bears the imprints of the moments you savored, the thoughts you pondered, and the people you connected with. It’s a tapestry woven with the threads of life itself.

Facing the Blank Page Anew

The act of returning to the blank page after a hiatus is a moment of beautiful vulnerability. But it is necessary for your creative soul. It’s an acknowledgment that the world keeps spinning, stories continue to unfold, and you’re here to capture it all in words. Armed with a wellspring of new experiences and perspectives, you dive into writing with a sense of renewed purpose and clarity.

As you pen your first words, you’re not merely transcribing thoughts; you’re channeling a symphony of emotions, insights, and reflections that have accumulated during your break. The words flow, not from a place of obligation, but from the joy of creation, the thrill of expression, and the deep well of perspective you’ve cultivated.

It took more than ten years to go back and rework “The Red Myths“. It was challenging looking at the blank page and trying to conjure words that would eventual become the outline of the updated story.

A Ripple Through Your Work

The impact of taking a break extends beyond individual pieces of writing; it ripples through your entire body of work. The stories you tell, the characters you breathe life into, and the ideas you explore are infused with a new layer of authenticity and resonance. Your readers might not know the specifics of your hiatus, but they’ll feel the difference in the pages they turn. They will feel the essence of your creative soul in the quality in your story telling.

Your writing becomes a living testament to the importance of embracing stillness in a world that’s always on the move. It’s a reminder that creativity doesn’t arise solely from the act of writing; it emerges from the entirety of the human experience, woven intricately into the fabric of life.

Final Words of Encouragement

As you contemplate the idea of taking a break from writing, let this be an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and reinvigorating your creative soul. Embrace the notion that in stepping back, you’re not stepping away from your craft; you’re immersing yourself in the art of living. The words will always be there, waiting patiently, but they’ll be richer and more vibrant if you let them marinate in the vastness of the world.

So, dare to pause. Dare to wander. Dare to disconnect momentarily from the familiar rhythm of writing to tune into the symphony of life. And when you return to your writing desk, you’ll find yourself armed with a treasury of perspectives, a deeper well of inspiration, and the wisdom that only comes from embracing the art of stillness in a world that’s always in motion. Your writing, and your soul, will thank you for it.

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