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If you want a free copy of FiWEH Books, you can download it below. As you may have seen, I’ve been working on several books over the last two years, including “The Red Myths: Beyond the Future and the Past” and its sequel.

I am excited to announce that all my books are available for purchase here on my website and also on Amazon and several other online retail stores and libraries worldwide.

As I’ve recently learned, one of the most important things an author can do for their book is to launch it with many Amazon customer reviews — this helps with search results and credibility so that other people can find it.

That’s why I need your help with this.

May I send you a free copy of my book to read?  All I ask is that you skim through it / read a few chapters in the next few weeks and leave your honest feedback/thoughts as a customer review on 15 September 2022 — the anniversary day I concocted the story 25 years ago in my military barracks room in Quantico, VA.

If you’re willing to help, you can download a PDF or EPUB copy of the book right now!  And I’ll remind you about the review with a link to the book up to the anniversary date. Send me a message using our contact form here, and I will send you the password to download the file.

Book TitleEPUB FormatCount
The Red Myths: Beyond the Future and the Past
Vanessa the New Girl

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