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Fareign Yaadies: Jamaicans In A Department Store (S1: Ep 2)

Drags and Redman hangs out in a department store. Jamaican Cartoon brought to you by FiWEHtv for more visit <a href="http:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http:

Fariegn Yaadies: Jamaican Secret Agent (S1: Ep 1)

Drags is recruited by the local intelligence agency and has to make a difficult decision. Fareign Yaadies is created by Delroy G. James for...

Fareign Yaadies: Jamaican and Lady Saw (Excerpt)

S1Ep2: The gang talks about Lady Saw. - created by FiWEH.com

Fareign Yaadies: Fake Jamaicans at a Restaurant (Excerpt)

The gang visit a Jamaican restaurant with their friend from foreign. Each friend share stories of their daily life at work, home...

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