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Friday, August 18, 2017

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FiWEH Lately – Resistance Against Trump Lead To Local Elections

As more and more Democrats protest against the Trump Administration, more important for voters to come out in large numbers for local elections.

Inside The News Lately: US Shift Attention Back to Afghanistan

A massive U.S. airstrike against the Islamic State has put American involvement in Afghanistan back in the spotlight. After almost 16 years, thousands...

FreshLook: Cost of Crime in The Caribbean Promo

FreshLook promo for the upcoming episode on the cost of crime in the Caribbean.

FiWEH Lately: Lisa Hanna “Kartel Music Should Not Be On The Public Airwaves”

Vybz Kartel fans are upset over Lisa Hanna remarks over the frequent releases of music from the imprisoned star. For more stories visit http:

I Love Reggae Music: Top 5 Badman Songs of All Times

This is new variation of the longtime FiWEHtv series.  This countdown features music from Bounty Killer, Cutty Ranks, Terror Fabulous, Spragga Benz and Buju...

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Give ‘Em a Medal: Black Virginia State Police Officer, Holocaust Survivor

Seth highlights some unrecognized heroes of the Charlottesville riots who were overshadowed in the media by coverage of the white supremacist march organizers...


Steve Bannon Updates His Resumé

Trump's top strategist Steve Bannon is the latest White House staffer rumored to be on the chopping block. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel...

FiWEH Original

Check Dis Out – Ghetto Fabulous Job Interview

Funny Don'ts when seeking employment in Jamaica.
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