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Joshua Boyle and Caitlan Coleman: The couple taken by the Taliban

What’s next for the North American couple and their children rescued from five years of captivity?

Venezuela crisis: Retirements ruined and families pulled apart

People's hopes for a quiet retirement with family are ruined by inflation and the fear of violence.

Week in pictures: 15-21 October 2017

A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.

Islamic State and the crisis in Iraq and Syria in maps

Maps and graphics telling the story of the fight against so-called Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria.

Mugabe named as goodwill ambassador by WHO

The World Health Organisation head praises Zimbabwe's public health policy, in a controversial move.

EU mood music improves on Brexit bargaining

It is no surprise EU leaders sought to put a positive spin on negotiations, writes Laurence Peter.

Mogadishu truck bombing death toll jumps to 358

More than 50 people are also still missing after last Saturday's huge truck bombing, officials say.

You’re so cute when you’re angry. Shiba Inu gets angry at mocking mini-me toy【Video】

Nobody likes a copy-cat, or even, it seems, a copy Shiba Inu dog. It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but try...

Japanese artist shows darkness that can sit just outside of a “like”-worthy photo on...

Oftentimes, it’s what we don’t see that tells the real story of the people smiling at the world online. Last month a chill went down...

Pokémon’s Team Rocket officially begins real-life recruiting new members this month

Considering a career in Pokémon crime? This could be your big chance! While some criminal organizations do their best to hide their activities, Pokémon’s Team...

World’s first giant robot fight is in the books! Japan draws first blood, US...

A battle two years in the making finally comes to an end, but is only the beginning of giant robot fights. At 11 a.m. (Japan...

Japanese convenience store clerk stops robbery with wooden kendo sword and fighting pose

“I should tell you that I’m first dan,” he informs would-be thief. Customer service in Japan really is incredible. For example, on October 16, at...

Chinese people busted sleeping in beds at Ikea in new online video

Watch as a group of vigilantes goes around Ikea in China, using interesting tactics to get people up out of the beds in the...

Tokyo disaster tip: How to make a diaper with just two items you have...

Disaster preparedness team’s tip could save your nostrils. While mankind has developed some truly impressive cultural, political, and scientific institutions, all of them would grind...

Fishin’ for crawdads in Tokyo: A tale of friendship

Sometimes men have trouble expressing fondness for one another, so they give each other mudbugs. Recently around the office, our reporter Seiji Nakazawa has been...

North Korea missile alert manga produced by Japanese government office

The cartoon might look cute and colourful, but the message it conveys is frightening. On 15 September, residents in Japan’s northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido found...

Dancing Hatsune Miku inside custom computer tower stuns Japanese Internet, everybody wants one

If you need more Miku in your life, just put her inside your computer tower. Custom-built computers can become works of art when the engineers...

Marseille: Fatal knife attack at train station

The attacker at the city's train station has been shot dead by security forces, officials say.

Catalan referendum: ‘Hundreds hurt’ as police try to stop voters

Catalan officials say 337 people are hurt as police use force to try to stop the independence vote.

Syria’s war has deadliest month this year – monitor group

The Syrian Observatory says almost a thousand civilians died in September, including 207 children.

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What golden age?

People's hopes for a quiet retirement with family are ruined by inflation and the fear of violence.

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