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NBC 2016-17 Season Ratings (updated 8/17/17)

Last season, NBC launched a dozen new scripted TV shows. Some found success in the ratings but they schedule had a few ratings successes...

CW 2016-17 Season Ratings (updated 8/17/17)

The smallest network has been attracting more attention in the past couple years and with more superhero TV shows than ever before during the...

FOX 2016-17 Season Ratings (updated 8/17/17)

Last year, FOX aired nine new shows and ended up dropping six of them. How will the network do in the ratings this time...

CBS 2016-17 Season Ratings (updated 8/17/17)

Last season, CBS introduced only seven new shows during the regular season. They cancelled three, renewed three, and one (Supergirl) moved to The CW....

ABC 2016-17 Season Ratings (updated 8/17/17)

Last season, ABC launched 10 new scripted series. They cancelled six of them and renewed four. How will the alphabet network perform during the...

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Haitian migrants apprehended off Ragged Island

One hundred and fifty-one Haitian migrants were apprehended in Bahamian waters in two separate incidents between August 9th and 11th in waters of the...

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