Behind the Creation of ‘Charred’: Jamaican Girl Seeks Revenge!

Charred” is a thrilling urban fantasy that tells the story of a Jamaican girl seeking revenge on those responsible for causing the tragedies in her life. The story is created by author D. G. James who share a passion for telling stories that resonate with his reader base.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the creation of “Charred,” from the inspiration behind the story to the creative process that brought it to life on the pages.

The Backstory of ‘Charred’: A Jamaican Tale of Vengeance!

The story of “Charred” is inspired by the experiences of several Jamaicans, local and abroad whose lives are affected by circumstances afflicting their lives. Having seeing seen friends and family members experiencing constant tragedies caused by abuse, crime and violence, he used his  art to shine a light on the issues and help others who may be going through similar situations.

The story follows the journey of a young woman named Shelly, a teenager who’s life is uprooted by various events that caused her to seek revenge on those who left her with physical and emotional scars. Through Shelly’s story, the author hope to raise awareness about the devastating effects of the violence in Garrison ghetto communities across the island and encourage victims to speak out and seek help.

From Idea to Script: The Creative Process Behind the Story!

The story originated from a short story that the author planned to use in an anthology, but decided to turn into a novel. After soliciting feedback from friends and family, the author conducted research about the theme from the story which led to the birth of “Charred”. He got to work on developing the second draft which became a more developed and structured. He wanted to create a story that was both compelling and realistic, while also incorporating elements of Jamaican culture and tradition.

The novel went through several revisions the author worked to fine-tune the dialogue, pacing, and overall story structure. He also had to consider practical concerns such as tone, subject matter, and other elements that would affect the storytelling.

Finally, after months of hard work, “Charred” was ready for a third rewrite. This meant reworking the story chapter by chapter, scene by scene in order to ensure each character was effectively developed along each plot line.

Although the author is still working on the story, “Charred” considered by those who read the draft, “a powerful and thought-provoking story” that tackles important issues with honesty and sensitivity. Through the creative vision of the author, the story will  connect with audiences around the world and inspire hope in those who may be struggling with the effects of tragedies such as crime and violence.

As D. G. James continue to write impactful stories that shed light on important issues, we can look forward to reading the finalize story from this talented Jamaican author.

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